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L4L Nomination L4L Award 2015 open

05 Jan 15   Nominate now! Until 15 February you can nominate a lawyer, or a group of lawyers, for the Lawyers for Lawyers Award 2015. This award is presented every two years to ...

Philippines Lawyers organizations worldwide call on Aquino Government to address attacks against Filipino Lawyers

24 Jan 15 24 January 2015 – At least 38 lawyers have been killed in the Philippines since 2004 for reasons apparently related to their profession. Many more lawyers have been threatened, harassed, ...
LS Võ An Đôn1

Vietnam Request by authorities to revoke license of lawyer Vo An Don

20 Jan 15 On 16 January 2014, L4L sent letters to the Bar Association in connection to the request of several government offices to revoke Vo An Don’s lawyers license. Vo An Don ...
HRC voor website

Turkey 27 January in Geneva: side-event Persecution of Lawyers and Journalists in Turkey

19 Jan 15 The Law Society of England and Wales, Lawyers for Lawyers, Lawyers Rights Watch Canada, Privacy International, Fair Trial Watch and Media Legal Defence Initiative cordially invite you to join the panel ...

Spain Police arrests 12 lawyers on ‘terrorist charges’

16 Jan 15 On Monday 12 January 2015, sixteen people, amongst them twelve Spanish lawyers, were arrested by the police after a judge of the Audienca Nacional ordered their arrest. The Audience Nacional ...
dag bedreigde advocat vierkant

Philippines Day of the endangered lawyer

16 Jan 15 On 23 January 2015, the “Day of the Endangered Lawyer”, attention will be asked for the situation of lawyers in the Philippines. Since 2001, at least 41 lawyers and 18 judges ...