Swaziland Thulani Maseko arrested again

Thulani Maseko 320 21 Apr 14 On 9 April, human rights lawyer Thulani Maseko was arrested for the second time, shortly after he was released following a verdict of the high court. Thulani Maseko is suspected ...

Turkey Muharrem Erbey released after 1.570 days in pre-trial detention

Muharram-Erbey 15 Apr 14 1.570 days after Muharrem Erbey was arrested, he is now provisionally released. However, grave concerns about the prominent human rights lawyer remain who is subjected to continuous judicial harassment through ...

Kazakhstan L4L observes trial Lyubov Agushevich and Polina Zhukova

Lyubov Agushevich and Polina Zhukova 07 Apr 14 In a brief hearing on 26 March 2014, a judge ruled that Lyubov Agushevich and Polina Zhukova will remain disbarred. L4L was present to observe the trial. The representative of ...
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