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Azerbaijan L4L calls on you to help ill lawyer

30 May 11 

Lawyer Isakhan Ashurov from Azerbaijan is not afraid to stick out his neck: he mainly takes on cases other lawyers not dare to take on because of their political sensitivity, such as cases against journalists who criticize the government. He is described as the most important lawyer and advocate of democracy in the country. He does not win many cases, but that is, according to himself, because the verdicts in court cases in most cases have been decided on forehand. He also litigates before the European Court of Human Rights, where he won three cases for Azerbaijani prodemocracy activists in the last three years.

We were informed that Isakhan Ashurov is seriously ill. He was diagnosed with bowel cancer and has received medical treatment in Germany. The doctors have prescribed an after-surgery rehabilitation through chemotherapy in the Georgetown University’s Clinic in Washington D.C., United States. This treatment is very expensive, and Ashurov has no medical insurance. If Ashurov is not able to continue his invaluable work this would be a great loss for the democracy in Azerbaijan.

Since Isakhan Ashurov is not able to pay the treatment on his own, we call upon you to support him financially. Every contribution is very welcome. You can donate your contribution to the bank account of L4L (please specify by mentioning ‘Isakhan Ashurov’) and we will make sure that the money is delivered to Isakhan Ashurov.

Bank details:
attn. of: 'Stichting Advocaten voor Advocaten' in Amsterdam

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