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Aleh Volchek


We would like to draw your attention to the situation of Mr Aleh Volchek, who was one of the guest speakers on our Basic Principles on the Role of Lawyers Event in November 2012.

We have been informed that on January 27, 2012, Mr Volchek was arrested in the street in the city center of Minsk after visiting the local post office. Subsequently Mr Volchek was charged with hooliganism after his trial took place on Monday, 30 January. L4L, together with other organizations, pressed for his release by means of a letter writing campaign. Aleh Volchek was soon after released. However, he did miss an important meeting with the United Nations to discuss the human rights situation in Belarus.

Recently we have received the news that during the detention of Mr Volchek, the passport of Mr Volchek disappeared from his apartment, allegedly confiscated by the police to establish his identity. Consequently, unless it is returned immediately or replaced he will not be able to take part in an international conference in London in the second half of February. 

L4L therefore organizes a letter writing campaign for Aleh Volchek. Please download these example letters, adapt, print and sign them and send them via airmail to the addresses mentioned in the letters. If you have done so, please let us know via

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