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Alexander Montaña en Sofía Lopez and Julio César Rosero


Unfortunately, once again we have been informed about severe threats against Colombian lawyers. It concerns Alexander Montaña and Sofía Lopez of Justicia y Dignidad and Julio César Rosero, a lawyer working for an organization called Movice.

Jusiticia y Dignidad is a collaboration between Alexander Montaña and Sofía Lopez. In 2010, in the South-West of Colombia, they started helping victims of the armed conflict that has been going on in Colombia for the last 25 years. They assist relatives of victims of extrajudicial executions by paramilitary groups, help people who have been expelled from their lands to regain them, and have been busy with the research into crimes allegedly committed by the Colombian government that is carried out by the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. They also apply for protective measures for human rights defenders before the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights. Because of these activities they have regularly been the target of threats. They receive death threats through text messages and email. They are also being followed and suspicious people visit Sofia Lopez’ house. Their phones are being tapped.

Julio César Rosero is currently under threat because he represents relatives of victims of extrajudicial executions on behalf of the Movice Foundation. Because of the trial against eight people suspected of the killing of three persons, among whom the husband of a Movice employee (Jenny Torres), Julio César Rosero received death threats against him and his family in the form of a text messages and two emails in June 2011.

Lawyers for Lawyers is concerned about the threats that have been addressed to Alexander Montaña, Sofía Lopez and Julio César Rosero. For this reason, we organize a letter writing campaign. Please join the campaign: adapt (please note the comment regarding gender), print, sign and send these example letters.

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