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Huynh Van Dong


L4L would like to draw your attention to the case of Huynh Van Dong, a human rights lawyer from the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

On 12 August 2011, the disciplinary commission of the Dak Lak Bar Association decided to disbar Mr. Dong. This decision followed from a complaint of the Court of Ben Tre Province, which accused Mr. Dong of “taking advantage of his lawyer activities in order to infringe upon the interests of the Vietnamese State”. Furthermore, the Court considered that Mr. Dong did not possess the qualifications required for lawyers, namely “to be loyal to Vietnam” and “show morals”. Following the complaint by the Court, the Bar Association accused Mr. Dong of (i) failing to represent a client to whom he had been assigned and (ii) failing to pay the annual fee to the Bar Association.

Mr. Dong explained that he was not able to defend this particular client, because the case had been assigned to him at an extremely late stage and while he was out of town. Moreover, he stated that he had always paid the annual fee to the Bar Association.

The disciplinary commission of the Dak Lak Bar Association nonetheless ordered the disbarment of Mr Dong, without providing any objective explanation or legal basis as a justification. As a result, Mr. Dong is currently prevented from practicing his profession as a lawyer and human rights defender.

In order to campaign against the disbarment of Mr. Dong, L4L is organizing a letter writing campaign. Please download these example letters, adapt, print and sign them and send them via airmail to the addresses mentioned in the letters. If you have done so, please let us know via

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