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Magamed Abubakarov


We would like to ask your attention for the situation of Magamed Abubakarov, lawyer from the Russian Federation.

Abubakarov received threatening messages from an unrecognizable mobile number between February 6 and February 11 of this year. The sender demanded to know where he was and told him he would not be able to hide. Atty. Abubakarov called the number and texted the sender offering to meet, but his calls and messages were ignored. On 11 February 2013, Mr. Abubakarov filed a complaint with the local police in relation to these threats. After Atty. Abubakarov reported the threats and the phone number from which they came to the police, he received a message, which stated: “the time to … [talk] is over. … [you will be talking] in a mortuary”.

There are reasons to believe that these threats are directly linked to Atty. Abubakarov’s professional duties. He first received threats in connection with his professional activities in 2007. Since then, threats have been regular.

L4L has been supporting Abubakarov already for a longer period of time. Recently, Abubakarov stayed in the Netherlands for three months in the context of the shelter city project organized by Justitia et Pax. Directly after his return to Russia, the threats started.

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