Olga Hamadi

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Olga Hamadi


We would like to ask your attention for the situation of Olga Hamadi.

Ms. Olga Hamadi is working as a lawyer in the province of Papua, Indonesia. She is well respected for her work for inter alia the internationally renowned non-governmental organization KontraS, based in Jayapura.

During the months of August and September 2012, Ms. Hamadi has in been investigating the case of and representing five men in Wamena, Papua, who were allegedly tortured or ill-treated in detention by policemen of the Jayawijaya District Police Station, in order to force them to confess their involvement in a murder. In this framework, Ms. Hamadi submitted an application for a pre-trial hearing to raise concerns about the alleged violations by the police.

Volunteers of the focusgroup South East Asia who are directly in contact with Hamadi, received the following information: In September 2012, Ms. Hamadi was informed by local sources that prior to the pre-trial hearing, allegedly the police resort disseminated text messages to the murder victim’s family and members of the local community. These text messages stated that the police department managed to catch the perpetrators of a murder and that Ms. Hamadi was interfering with the case and wanted to stop the legal process, and essentially provoked people to turn against Ms. Hamadi’s responsible and lawful activities during the pre-trial investigation.

As a result of these text messages, Ms. Hamadi has several times not been able to attend the pre-trial hearings in the Wamena District Court, because a crowd of people (including family members of the murdered victim) violently blocked her from entering the court and the leader of the group even threatened to kill her in case she would not withdraw the pre-trial application. The police officers did not guard her safety when attending the pre-trial hearings, nor made it possible in any way for her to attend the pre-trial hearings.

On 20 September 2012, due to ongoing concerns about the safety of the defendants and their family, as well as the safety of Ms. Hamadi and the lack of protection from the authorities, Ms. Hamadi withdrew the pre-trial application and returned to Jayapura. She still fears for her safety if and will in the near future not travel to Wamena to represent her clients.  

See for more information the enclosed letter.

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