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Maryam Ghanbari

On 8 February 2010 Maryam Ghanbari, a 27 year old lawyer and active member of Meydaan (Women’s Field), was arrested in her home in Teheran by five Iranian officers. She is being held in the notorious Evin prison.

Mrs. Ghanbari is part of the Volunteer Lawyers Network (a voluntary law service for vulnerable women) and is very involved in the struggle of the national women’s movement against the proposed bill of family law dealing with divorce and custody.

This bill allows men under certain circumstances to take a second wife without consent of the first, as is needed now. Some of the circumstances mentioned are metal illness of the first wife, or her infertility, a chronic illness and not being cooperative sexually.

Lawyers for Lawyers is very worried about the physical and psychic well-being of Maryam Ghabari. Recently L4L has called upon the Iranian authorities by letter to release Maryam Ghanbari and guarantee her safety. L4L organized a letter writing campaign for Maryam Ghabari in february 2011. You can view the letters sent at that time here.

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