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Asma Jahangir


We would like to ask your attention for the situation of Asma Jahangir from Pakistan.

Asma Jahangir (1952) is an important human rights lawyer in Pakistan. In 2010 she was elected President of the Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan. Before this court, she has for years fought to defend the rights of religious minorities, women and children. Jahangir is a former UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief and a former Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial Executions.

L4L has had contact with Asma Jahangir for some time now, and we have campaigned more than once on her behalf. On 31 May 2012, Klaartje Stalenhoef of the L4L group that focuses on Pakistan, met Asma Jahangir in Brussels. Last week Klaartje received an urgent email from Asma, in which Asma personally asked for L4L’s help.

According to our sources there is a plot to kill or do serious bodily harm to Mrs. Jahangir. It is said that this severe threat comes from the Pakistan Security Forces. As Pakistan’s leading human rights defender, Asma Jahangir has been threatened many times before. However news of the plot to kill her is altogether different. The information available does not appear to have been intentionally circulated as means of intimidation, but leaked from within Pakistan’s security apparatus. Because of this, Asma Jahangir believes the information is highly credible and has therefore not moved from her home.

By means of this letter writing campaign L4L calls on the Pakistani government to immediately take action in order to make sure that Mrs. Jahangir can leave her home safely and continue her work as a lawyer.

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