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Ni Yulan


L4L would like to ask your attention for the situation of Ni Yulan and her husband Dong Jiqin. Ni Yulan worked as a lawyer for 18 years and is active as a housing activist. She took on many politically sensitive cases of petitioners and other people protesting the demolition of their homes. 

On 27 July, a Beijing court overturned the sentence of Ni Yulan on a fraud charge. However, the court upheld her and her husband Dong Jiqin’s sentences for “picking quarrels and provoking trouble”, criminalized in the general and vague Article 293 of China’s Criminal Code, which vaguely prohibits “disturbing public order”. The current sentences are two years and six months in prison for Ni Yulan and two years in prison for Dong Jiqin.

It seems that the couple have been targeted because of Ni Yulan’s peaceful human rights and legal aid activities. As Ni Yulan has been detained before, during which detention she was severely ill-treated, L4L fears for the risk of torture and ill-treatment of Ni Yulan and Dong Jiqin.

By means of this letter writing campaign L4L calls on the Chinese government to immediately release Ni Yulan and Dong Jiqin, to guarantee under all circumstances the physical and psychological integrity of Ni Yulan and Dong Jiqin and to assure that, during their detention, both will be allowed to be visited by their family, have free choice of legal representation, obtain adequate food and are provided with any medical care they may require.

Please help Ni Yulan and Dong Jiqin by participating in the letter writing campaign organized on their behalf! Please download these example letters, adapt, print and sign them and send them via airmail to the addresses mentioned in the letters. If you have done so, please let us know via

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