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Gao Zhisheng


L4L would like to ask your attention for the situation of Gao Zhiszeng, a Chinese human rights lawyer.

Gao Zhisheng defended, amongst others, followers of the Falun Gong movement who were being prosecuted. At the end of 2005 his law license was not renewed; this was in response to his open letters to the Chinese government in which he requested an examination into the prosecution of followers of religious minorities such as the Falun Gong. Also, Zhisheng’s law firm was closed by the government for a year, for no valid reason.

After this, Zhisheng was arrested in February 2009, released briefly in March 2010 and disappeared soon after.

L4L has now been informed that Zhisheng, after 20 months of disappearance, has been detained again, as his probation has been revoked. As Mr Gao Zhisheng has been detained before, during which detention he was severely ill-treated, L4L fears for the risk of torture and ill-treatment of Mr Gao Zhisheng.

Please support Gao Zhisheng by participating in the letter writing campaign organized on his behalf. Please download these example letters, adapt, print and sign them and send them via airmail to the addresses mentioned in the letters. If you have done so, please let us know via

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