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Alba Cruz Ramos

Mexican human rights lawyer Alba Cruz has received new threats. The threats are part of a pattern of death threats and harassment against her in an attempt to stop her from defending victims of torture and unfounded prosecution in Oaxaca State. Her life could be at risk. Alba works together with other lawyers and human rights defenders in ‘Comité 25 de Noviembre’. She defends the rights of political prisoners, human rights defenders and civilians who are being held prisoner in the province of Oaxaca, often without legitimate grounds. Through their work Albaseeks to counter the impunity and widespread practice of torture of prisoners.

In May 2010, L4L held a meeting with Alba Cruz during her visit to the Netherlands. In this meeting she pointed out her life threatening situation and the continuous impediments at her work as a lawyer and human rights defender in Mexico. Consequently, L4L organized a letter writing campaign urging the authorities to take measures. Unfortunately, the threats at Alba Cruz have not ceased, as on 11 January at 11:33 AM Alba Cruz received a text message on her mobile phone. The message included the following phrase: “We know more about your protégés, how many steps you walk per block (…) you didn’t accept what we offered (…) we’re back”. The message was sent from the same mobile number as previous threats against her and one of her defendants.

L4L once more organized a letter writing campaign. Please see the letters as they have been sent by L4L here.

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