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Radeef Moustafa

On 19 December 2010, Radeef Moustafa was interrogated in the framework of a disciplinary procedure against him that was started on the initiative of the Syrian Bar Association. Moustafa is charged with, among other things, “membership to an illegal organisation”, “actions against the Syrian government” through Mr. Radeef Moustafa’s human rights work and his publications on human rights issues, “tackling topics with a view of undermining national unity” and “publishing unfounded news”.

Moustafa is President of the Kurdish Committee for Human Rights (al-Rased) and assisted many human rights defenders, among who lawyer Muhanad al-Hasani. Al-Hasani had been disbarred on similar grounds, before being convicted to a three year sentence in a criminal procedure in June 2010. The next hearing in the procedure against Moustafa is planned for 31 January 2011.

L4L organized a letter writing campaign for this lawyer in January 2011. See the letters that were sent here.

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