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Six murdered lawyers, Colombia


In the last months, there was an increase of aggression towards human rights activists in the mid-west of Colombia. Earlier L4L has reported on the lawyers German Romero and Jorge Molano. Both lawyers act on behalf of victims and relatives in several cases of grave human rights violations committed by (mostly) senior level army officers and paramilitaries. The last couple of months L4L was furthermore informed about lawyers from the regions Valle del Cauca and Córdoba that have been murdered. A major problem is that the circumstances of these crimes are often poorly investigated. At the moment L4L therefore have hardly any information with regard to the background of the murders on these lawyers.

In this letter writing campaign you will call on the public prosecution, both on regional and national level, to investigate the murders on these lawyers thoroughly. Furthermore you write to the president of Colombia to call on him to ensure that the murders are investigated properly, and those who are responsible will be brought to justice. 

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