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Four Murdered lawyers

  1. L4L has again received information on the murder of four lawyers from the Valle del Cauca region. The lawyers concerned are Alberto Arias Escobar (1 May 2013), Fabio Molina Velásquez (13 July 2013), José Gerley Sánchez Benítez (16 July 2013) and Juan Carlos Canizalez Ocampo (10 August 2013). In all four cases the murderers and the motives of the murder are unknown. In the last eight months, at least ten lawyers were killed in the Valle del Cauca region. To date, as far as known, in none of these cases a suspect was arrested. L4L is organizing a letter writing campaign to call upon the local authorities to investigate the murders and to publicly enounce that such crimes, that threaten the rule of law, cannot stay unpunished. 

Print and sign the letters and send them by post to the directions as mentioned. When you have participated, please let us know by sending an email to Click here for an English translation of the letter. 

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