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Vietnam Joint statement: stop the crackdown

16 Oct 17 

A coalition of Vietnamese and international human rights organizations, Lawyers for Lawyers amongst them, called on the Vietnamese authorities to stop the crackdown against peaceful expression in the country. Vietnam is in the midst of an unprecedented political crackdown against peaceful expression. One of Vietnam’s most renowned human rights lawyers and bloggers, Nguyen Van Dai, has been arbitrarily detained for almost two years without trial.

Nguyen Van Dai is the co-founder of the Vietnam Human Rights Committee and a prodemocracy activist. He has provided legal assistance to government critics and members of religious minorities. On 16 December 2015, Nguyen Van Dai was arrested while he was on his way to a meeting with delegates from the European Union as part of the annual EU-Viet Nam Dialogue on Human Rights. He is accused of “conducting Propaganda against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam” under Article 88 of the Penal Code. His house was searched, items of property seized, and he was transferred immediately to a detention centre. Nguyen Van Dai was held incommunicado for more than a year. 

This is not the first time Nguyen Van Dai was arrested. In 2007, Van Dai was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment, also for spreading propaganda against the state. After he served his sentence in 2011, he was placed under house arrest for a while. All this has not stopped Nguyen Van Dai from promoting human rights. Besides his work as a lawyer, he writes blogs and articles about human rights in Vietnam.

Please find the full statement here.



Turkey Ramazan Demir recipient of 2017 IBA Human Rights Award

13 Oct 17 Lawyers for Lawyers congratulates human rights lawyer Ramazan Demir on receiving the 2017 IBA Human Rights Award. He accepted the Award on Friday 13 October 2017 in Sydney at the International Bar Association (IBA) Conference. Lawyers for Lawyers nominated Ramazan Demir for the IBA Human Rights Award because we believe he is “a prominent and […]

Tajikistan Lawyer Buzurgmehr Yorov arrested two years ago

04 Oct 17 Lawyers for Lawyers has grave concerns about the situation of lawyer Buzurgmehr Yorov. Two years ago, on 28 September 2015, Yorov was arrested. Since then he has been imprisoned. Recently, Yorov’s family members have reported that he allegedly is being subjected to regular beatings – accompanied by threats, insults and harassment – by officials at […]
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Egypt Arrest of lawyer Ibrahim Metwally

27 Sep 17 L4L has grave concerns about the abduction and incommunicado detention of Mr. Ibrahim Metwally Hegazy, human rights lawyer, Co-founder and Coordinator of the Association of the Families of the Disappeared in Egypt. L4L has sent a letter to the Egyptian authorities to express concerns, and call for the release of Ibrahim Metwally. On 10 September […]

(Nederlands) Meesterlijke rally voor Lawyers for Lawyers

20 Sep 17 Sorry, this entry is not available in English.

HDIM 2017 Side event: Lawyers Need Legal Protections too

19 Sep 17 The Human Dimension Implementation Meeting 2017 (HDIM) “Lawyers Need Legal Protections too: Human Rights Lawyers Working in Challenging Environments” Warsaw National Stadium (PGE Narodowy), Aleja Poniatowskiego 1, GATE 1, 2nd floor September 20, 2017, Room 1, 13:15-14:45 Refreshments will be provided Panel Speakers:  Maria Slazak  Moderator, Former President of CCBE    Temur Shakirov Legal Adviser, […]

Cameroon Lawyer Nkongho Felix Agbor-Balla released

18 Sep 17 Lawyer Nkongho Felix Agbor-Balla from Cameroon was released on 31 August 2017. A presidential decree of 30 August 2017, read on national public radio and television,  ordered to drop all charges against the lawyer. A day later, the Military Tribunal of Yaounde confirmed the decision to release Nkongho Felix Agbor-Balla. Agbor-Balla was arrested in January 2017 on suspicion […]
Jiang Tianyong, China

China Trial against lawyer Jiang Tianyong

10 Sep 17 On 22 August 2017, the first hearing in the criminal case against 46-year-old human rights lawyer Jiang Tianyong took place. The lawyer is accused  of “subverting state power”. The maximum penalty: lifelong imprisonment. Jiang Tiangyong ‘confessed’  to the crime he was accused of during the hearing. In a video that was published by the court […]