L4L Award

Jorge Molano , Colombia

2015 laureate

Jorge Molano


Magamed Abubakarov

2013 laureate

Magamed Abubakarov


Alec Muchadehama, Zimbabwe

2011 laureate

Alec Muchadehama

About the L4L Award

The Lawyers for Lawyers Award is awarded to a lawyer or group of lawyers who work to promote the rule of law and human rights in an exceptional way and are threatened because of their work.

The Lawyers for Lawyers Award was installed on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Lawyers for Lawyers (L4L) and is awarded every other year. L4L strives, in conformity with international law, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ‘Basic Principles on the Role of Lawyers’ and the ‘Declaration on Human Rights Defenders’ of the UN to enable lawyers to practice law in freedom and independence, always and everywhere.

The award
Lawyers from all over the world can be nominated. Nominations can be submitted by anybody until 15 February 2017 and will be treated confidentially. Only those nominations submitted via the nomination form on our website will be taken into consideration. The prize is a special token as well as a donation of €10.000.

Award ceremony
The 2017 award ceremony will take place on 19 May 2017. More information will follow.

Award seminar 2015

Lawyers are not their clients

Jorge Molano, a Colombian Human Rights Lawyer and member of DHColombia, is selected to receive the Lawyers for Lawyers Award 2015. An expert jury selected Molano because of his « immense personal courage and stamina » and to « draw attention to the largely overlooked dire human rights situation in Colombia« . Human rights lawyers from across the world were nominated for the Award from whom the expert jury selected Jorge Molano as the laureate. The jury chose Khalil Maatouk from Syria and Pu Zhiqiang from China as second and third.

Award seminar 2013

Lawyers controlled, independence at stake?

On 31 May 2013, Russian lawyer Magamed Abubakarov received the Lawyers for Lawyers Award. Magamed Abubakarov is an ethnic Chechen who settled as a lawyer in Grozny (Chechnya) in 2004. Abubakarov specifically works on politically sensitive cases. He was praised by the jury for his « exceptional courage and persistence ». According to Egbert Myjer, who spoke to the recipient on behalf of the jury, the jury decided “unanimously and with pride” to grant the prize to Magamed Abubakarov, in the hope that the award will “encourage him to continue his brave and sorely needed work in a dire and dangerous situation.”

There was special mention for the numbers two and three on the jury’s short list, Shahzad Akbar from Pakistan and Olga Hamadi and Gustaf Kawer from Indonesia.

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Award seminar 2011

25 years Lawyers for Lawyers

The first Lawyers for Lawyers Award was presented on 15 April 2011 to Alec Muchadehama, who has worked for Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights since 2003 to defend the many activists, opposition leaders and people who are civil-society actors. Muchadehama is constantly under threat from the government. He has already been arrested and prosecuted on a number of occasions, and after eluding a kidnap attempt, he went into hiding in an embassy. Meanwhile many of his colleagues have fled the country but, despite everything, Alec Muchadehama continues to devote himself to defending human rights in a country that is in a deep state of crisis.

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