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Apart from making a donation, you can become actively involved in supporting the work of L4L through one or more of the following options


Participate in our letter-writing campaigns

On a regular basis, we support lawyers by writing letters to the authorities in the country where the lawyer is based, or to international authorities such as the European Union. If you want to help lawyers by writing a letter, please contact us ( and we will send you our letter-writing actions.


Writing letters to foreign authorities will be most effective if the letter is written in the local language. Occasionally, we therefore need translators. L4L aims to create a database of lawyers mastering the most important foreign languages to such an extent that they are able to correctly draft or translate letters in such a foreign language. If you want to support us, and your fellow foreign lawyers through translating, please contact us at (link to our e-mail address). We also welcome translators willing to assist in translating the various language versions of our website.

Monitoring groups

Every firm, local (Young) Bar Association or (legal) organization can register as a monitoring group with L4L. A monitoring group focuses on one specific, threatened lawyer or group of lawyers, which thus will receive special attention. The saying “frappez toujours” applies here: the more attention is given to a particular case, the greater the chance of success. It would mainly involve regularly sending many letters to the authorities of the respective countries and, if possible, maintaining contact with the relevant lawyer(s) and possibly even providing financial support/assistance. We will assist and advise you. You yourselves decide whether you want to act as a focus group once only or on a continuing basis. If you are interested in joining a monitoring group, please contact us.