Mohammad Ali Dadkhah

Iran Co-founder Defender of Human Rights Center (DHRC) serving his prison sentence of 9 years

Mohammad Ali Dadkhah represented may supporters of the opposition and activists who were arrested after the presidential elections in 2009. He was also co-founder of the Defenders of Human Rights Center (DHRC) in 2001.

On 4 July 2011, he was given a nine-year prison term and barred from working as a lawyer for ten years. He was charged with attempting to overthrow the regime. The charges are related to his representation of arrested protesters. His prosecution could also be the result of his involvement in the foundation of the DHRC, since other founders have been prosecuted for the same reason.

Examples are the lawyers Shirin Ebadi, Mohammad Seifzadeh, Mohammad Sharif and Abdolfatah Soltani. The DHRC is presently led by Shirin Ebadi, lawyer and Nobel laureate, who took the initiative for the foundation of the DHRC and had to leave Iran because of the many repressive measures of its government.

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Iran Jail sentence Ali Dadkhah upheld in appeal

07 May 12 On April 28 2012, Mr. Mohammad Ali Dadkhah was found guilty also in appeal on charges of “actions and propaganda against the Islamic regime”, in retaliation for his human rights activities. On 4 July 2011, he was given a nine-year prison term and barred from working as a lawyer for ten years. He was charged with […]

Iran Mohammed Ali Dadkhah convicted to 9 years in prison

06 Jul 11 Lawyer and co-founder of the Defenders of Human Rights Center (DHRC) Mohammad Ali Dadkhah was convicted to a nine-year prison sentence and barred from working as a lawyer for ten years on 4 July 2011. He was charged with attempting to overthrow the ruling system, according to semi-official news agency ISNA. Dadkhah represented many supporters […]

Iran Pressure on lawyers increases again

03 Feb 11 Lawyers Farshid Yadollahi and Amir Eslami were convicted to a six months prison sentence on Kish Island in southern Iran on 22 January. Around the same time, Mostafa Daneshjou was sentenced in appeal to seven months in prison in the northern province of Mazandaran. These lawyers represented dervishes, Sufi Muslims who choose to live in […]

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Iran Mohammad Seifzadeh released

11 Mar 16 After nearly five years in prison, human rights lawyer Mohammad Seifzadeh was finally released on March 10, 2016. His release comes as a result of the implementation of the provisions of the amended Islamic Penal Code of 2013, under which prisoners tried on various charges and sentenced to several prison sentences should serve only the lengthiest sentence. Mohammad Seifzadeh was […]

Iran New verdict on suspension license Nasrin Sotoudeh

27 Jun 15 On 23 June 2015, Nasrin Sotoudeh was informed about the new verdict issued by Branch 2 of the Lawyers’ Disciplinary Court of the Bar Association, which stated that the sentence suspending her lawyer’s license was reduced from 3 years to 9 months. Nine months have already passed since the previous verdict was issued, which could […]

Iran Lawyers bill must be tested against Basic Principles

19 Mar 15 Lawyers for Lawyers today contributed to the UPR process of Iran, indicating its concerns about the draft law providing rules for lawyers and the bar association. This law would seriously affect lawyers’ independence in Iran. Together with Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada, L4L recommended this bill to be carefully tested against the provisions of the UN Basic Principles on the […]

Iran Letter to President Rouhani: ‘Review cases detained lawyers’

04 Mar 15 On Lawyers Day in Iran, Wednesday 26 February, L4L expressed its concerns regarding the situation of seven detained lawyers in a letter to President Rouhani. It concerns the lawyers Mostafa Daneshjo, Amir Islami, Farshid Yadollahi, Afshin Karampoor, Omid Behroozi, Mohammed Seifzadeh and Abdolfatah Soltani. L4L is concerned that these seven lawyers are detained only in relation […]

Iran Authorities should allow Masoud Shafii to travel and do his work

30 Jan 15 The Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) asked attention for the situation of Iranian lawyer Masoud Shafii in a letter to the Iranian authorities on 15 January. This lawyer represented three American hikers who were detained in Iran from July 2009 to September 2011. After their release, mr. Shafii’s house was searched […]