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On a regular basis, we support lawyers by writing letters to the authorities of the country where the lawyer is based. To increase the effect of these letter-writing actions, we aim to have them coincide with letter-writing actions of international human-rights organizations, such as Amnesty International and Human Rights First. The effect or our letter-writing actions increases even more if large numbers of individual lawyers would write them. For that reason, L4L has set up a database of lawyers that have agreed to these actions.

If you want to help other lawyers by writing letters, please contact us. We will keep you informed of our letter-writing actions through email. We will also send you a format for a letter that you can use, as well as the contact details of the relevant authorities. To ensure that the authorities are aware of you being a lawyer, we request you to print the letters using the letterhead of your firm. We would appreciate it if you could send us copies of the letters you send, so that we will know exactly which lawyer has received special attention, as this may contribute to future actions.

You can find further information on our letter-writing actions in our columns in the Advocatenblad, or the legal newsletter Orde van de Dag. Recently, we have conducted letter actions for lawyers in Russia, Tunisia, Syria, the Philippines and Morocco.

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Egypt Mahienour El-Massry
China Ni Yulan


Turkey Eren Keskin


Saudi Arabia Waleed Abu al-Khair
Indonesia Three lawyers - L4L letter
Azerbaijan Khalid Bagirov - L4L letter
Thailand Sirikan Charoensiri - L4L letter
China Large number of lawyers - L4L letter
Colombia Rommel Duran - L4L letter
Morocco Four lawyers - L4L letter
Russia Mark Feygin - L4L letter
Vietnam Nguyen Van Dai - L4L letter
Colombia Advocatencollectief José Alvear Restrepo (CAJAR) - L4L letter
Iran Seven lawyers - L4L letter
Egypt Mahinour el-Massry - L4L letter
China Wang Yonghang - L4L letter
Tajikistan Sukhrat Qudratov - L4L letter
Vietnam Vo An Don - L4L letter
Spain Twelve lawyers - L4L letter


Russia Vitaly Cherkasov - L4L letter
Azerbaijan Khalid Bagirov - L4L letter
Iran Nasrin Sotoudeh - L4L letter
Egypt Yara Sallam - L4L letter
Moldova Alexandru Bernaz - L4L letter
Russia Vitaliy Moiseyev - L4L letter
Zimbabwe Kennedy Masiye - L4L letter
Saudi Arabia Four lawyers
Indonesia Gustaf Kawer and Latifah Anum Siregar
Sri Lanka Four lawyers - L4L letter
Philippines Rodolfo Felicio - L4L letter
Vietnam Le Quoc Quan - L4L letter
Azerbaijan Intigam Aliyev - L4L letter
Azerbaijan Intigam Aliyev
Tajikistan Sukhrat Qudratov - L4L letter
Kazakhstan Zinaida Mukhortova - L4L letter
Swaziland Thulani Maseko - L4L letter
United Arab Emirates Mohamed al-Roken - L4L letter
Morocco Mahinour el-Massry - L4L letter
Saudi Arabia Waleed Abu al-Khair - L4L letter
China Pu Zhiqiang - L4L letter
China Four lawyers - L4L letter
Philippines Maria Catherine L. Dannug-Salucon - L4L letter
Philippines Maria Catherine L. Dannug-Salucon
Syria Mazen Darwish - L4L letter
Vietnam Le Quoc Quan - L4L Letter


Turkey Ramazan Demir
Colombia Four Murdered lawyers
Russia Sapiyat Magomedova and Musa Suslanov
Colombia Six murdered lawyers, Colombia
Russian Federation Magamed Abubakarov
Vietnam Le Quoc Quan


Colombia Jorge Molano and German Romero
Indonesia Olga Hamadi
China Ni Yulan
Pakistan Asma Jahangir
Syria Mazen Darwish and Saleh Shameya
Colombia José Humberto Torres
Thailand Somchai Neelapaijit
Vietnam Huynh Van Dong
Belarus Aleh Volchek
Pakistan Moham Lal Menghwar
China Gao Zhisheng


Turkey Mass-arrest of lawyers
Syria Abdul Salam Al-Atrasch and Hussam Al-Assaad
Syria Issam Zaghloul
Iran Nasrin Sotoudeh
Kyrgyzstan Tatiana Tomina
Dagastan Sapiyat Magomedova
Syria Muhanad al-Hasani
Colombia Alexander Montaña en Sofía Lopez and Julio César Rosero
 Ni Yulan
Vietnam Nguyen Van Dai
Bahrain Mohamed al-Tajer
Belarus Pavel Sapelka
Mexico Alba Cruz Ramos
Syria Radeef Moustafa
Colombia Leonardo Jaimes Marìn and William Cristancho Duarte


Iran Nasrin Sotoudeh
Kyrgyzstan Tahir Asanov
Syria Muhanad al-Hasani
Syria Mustafa Ismail
Iran Nasrin Sotoudeh and Houtan Kian
Colombia Lawyers Collective José Alvear Restrepo
Iran Nasrin Sotoudeh
Iran Mohammad Mostafaei
Philippines Open letter to the new President
Mexico Blanca Mesina
Iran Shadi Sadr
Mexico Alba Cruz Ramos
Syria Muhanad al-Hasani
Iran Maryam Ghanbari
 Gao Zhisheng
Colombia Jorge Eliecer Molano Rodriguez
Vietnam Le Cong Dinh


Syria Haitham al-Maleh
China Huang Qi